I just received an email notice from the ACLU informing their subscribers that they have "just filed a lawsuit seeking damages on behalf of thousands of traumatized children and parents, who were torn apart under the Trump administration's illegal practice of separating families at the border".  I don't support so-called family separation, but I do support the policies and practices of the United States that may result in certain collateral consequences (like going to a cell and being detained separately from your children).

OK, I'm a registered Republican voter, and I consider myself pretty 'hawkish' on the border.   So you might think that what I'm about to say is being 'soft' on the border.  But the fact of the matter is that this entire issue hinges on the notice prong of the 5th and 14th Amendment's Due Process clause.

Sorry if your feelings get hurt, but yes, I believe that the Due Process clause applies to anyone subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the United States by virtue of being within those borders.  That's Laws of Nations-type stuff.  The implications of this seems to be that one's being subject to the physical jurisdiction of a State, one is also subject to all of the protections granted to all other human beings irrespective of nation-state.  Americans have always been humanitarians, and I believe that implies reaching out to those of other nations with good old-fashioned American love and justice, even when they are in the wrong.  There's nothing wrong with wanting a better life.  We don't differ with the ends, we differ with your means of reaching those ends.

"Americans are not going to leave you starving and destitute if you cross over here in opposition to our laws and the will of our people expressed through our representatives.  But you are going to be subjected to a process, and it's going to take a little time.  We want to look at your health.  We want to know who you are connected to back in your birthplace.  What your motivations are for coming here?  Do they match American motivations, or are they invested with insidious purpose?

"In the meantime of all this questioning, investigating, and interviewing, we can give you (and the people you dragged across the desert to get to this great land) the basics until you can fend for yourself.  Above that, you get with the sweat of your brow.  Showing a little bit of humility and gratitude that you get to join this great 241+ year experiment in human values and how that affects liberty and security, and that you can eat good, and live a healthy lifestyle on a bare minimum if you can't afford healthcare.  That America has a healthcare system, but this healthcare system sometimes expects you to put in a little effort and take care of yourself.  Bike to work on clear sunny days.  Do the gym thing, if you are into that.  And most of all, quit drinking and drugging.  True freedom takes away the need or desire for all that.

"But don't get it twisted," continues America.  "That doesn't mean it's OK for you and your family members to avoid assimilating into American culture.  You are expected to be an American first, then everything else.  We don't want you to move into an ethnic neighborhood and hide in there, we want you right among all of the rest of us:  black, white, and brown.  (And please, don't use the worn out excuse that the whites won't let you in.  Make it work.  Work the System.  But violence is not really going to be tolerated.)

"If you were smart, you and your kids will get to know English better than those of us who were born here.  Get a job with a W2.  Working for yourself is nice, but we True American Entrepreneurs want to see you start at the bottom like we did.  Working for someone else.  Listening to their bitching.  Smoking cigarettes on the back dock.  You do all that, then we're not going to continue to look at people with your background (whatever it may be) and discriminate you from an American citizen.

"Sorry, you are different -- culturally.  Until you've been here a while.

"Yet if you are willing to go through the process (we'll try not to muck it up) and show us that you are willing to live under all kinds of social and legal codes, you're welcome to start coming around and hanging out regular.  But we don't want you to just wander around because we have all kinds of predators in our society that you need protection from:  those who would put you back into slavery to Socialism; backwoods country-ass ideas about magical rituals that end up affecting public health and policy; ancient, misogynistic dress codes that also affect our security policies...those who want to make America hate you and to make you in turn hate America by holding you up as a victim-example and get this: then using their position from within our fortress to attack us and our reputation.  Trying to tear down a system that makes us all pretty comfortable.  As invited (*and sometimes uninvited) guests, they point out to our neighbors and any listener the dirty laundry on the bathroom floor , and sometimes on Twitter!  And then they get people who were born here and have enjoyed all of these rights and privileges of living in this City on A Hill to join in their choral victimology.

"Anyways, go through the process, learn our language -- sorry, this Nation has always worked best because of our common language from our common ideological heritage -- English as a language that has governed nations like the one you are still a citizen of right now.  So if you want to be part of what we've got going on here, you are going to learn it, and we're going to test and examine you.  We need to make sure we are all on the same page here when we're communicating, so less accidents and misunderstandings happen on the job, at school, at church, and on social media.  There are people who float on homemade rafts to get here to participate in our goal, our end game:  Liberty and Justice for All.

"If you knew you were breaking our laws by crossing our borders, you kind of had to at least suspect (right?) that you might end up in a jail or other detention facility somewhere and be treated the same as any other person in just about any country?  You had to have known that if you did this in just about any other country, that you would be separated from your children, by jail, by socialist fiat, or by death?  In this country (and if you don't like it you can leave), due process is important, but it is never going to give way to homeland security.  As much as we don't all agree on and like the methods used, we support the goal.  In the meantime, those kids are going to be taken care of better than they have been.  We don't really want anchor babies because we are suspicious of the motives of any pregnant woman coming here.  However, many of us are very firm on birthright citizenship being granted to any human being born within the jurisdiction by operation of our Constitution.  That person's a true Native American.  Yep, just like a Seminole or an Apache.

"Well, back to coming in the right way How many American kids haven't heard his or her mother yell: "Now go back out of that house and take off them dirty boots!  Then get back in here and eat supper!"  You've got to come in the right way, sir or ma'am.  We're pretty sure that you were aware that you might have been detained, yep, you individually and that your child would be subject to a separate detention.  Don't play stupid.  We subject even our own American people to all kinds of detention and family separation.

"So quit jumping the fence or whatever, and stay off of our back patio.  If you want to talk to Us, come to the front door.  Then we'll talk.  Hell, we might even go out on the back patio and sit and smoke.  That's Due Process.  The process that you are due as a human being.  Come to and then in my front door, and please quit jumping over my back fence.  If you do jump over my fence, don' think that everything's just going to be cool.  Who are you?  From where are you coming?  Are you on the run from anything?  Who?  What?  You got any weapons on you?  What's in that bag?  Yes, we do not apologize for wanting you to go through all of that.

"But until then, you need to zip it, ILLEGAL ALIEN -- Stop stirring up shit inside our fortress.  We need players, not sayers.  Don't just stand around on this "jobsite" and criticize us or try to "transform" our Nation and its values.  Work with us to make this a better place by starting with yourself.  Make yourself a better person first by showing that you are willing to join a people who strive together not only for Liberty, but for Justice.  As in, doing things the open and legal way.
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