Someone on Facebook says about the restoration of voting rights to ex-felons:

"Y'all keep saying that, fill out all the paperwork and guess what I still can't vote"

Well, Do you owe any fees or fines?  Because if you owe no fees and fines, and were not convicted of a sex offense or murder, your right to vote devolved upon you on January 8, 2019 by operation of law when the Florida Constitution's Amendment 4 went into effect.

Here's what happened:  Last November the People of Florida thought that they were voting on a measure to permit convicted felons to vote as long as they were finished with probation and parole.

Amendment 4 became effective January 8th, if I recall correctly.  I went down and registered to vote, as did many Floridians.  At the time I understood that I had completed my sentence on my E.O.S., or End of Sentence date given to me by the Department of Corrections.

Months later, there was a "Republican-led" measure put before the Senate (SB 7066) effectively changing the goalposts, changing the definition of "sentence" to include not just probation and parole, but the payment of all court costs, fees, fines -- whether converted to a civil judgment or not.

They changed the goalposts, and in so doing, pulled the wool over the eyes of every Floridian who went into that polling place and voted to restore the right to vote to any Floridian who has completed the jail or prison time, the conditional release, or the probation.  You want to see Democracy Dying in Darkness?  Shine your spotlight on Florida's electoral system for the next few years.  They just cull out the undesirables, those they perceive will vote for the "other" guy.  All kinds of black and brown folks, and guys with tattoos, and mothers who maybe sent her kid to school bruised or hungry and got sucked into the system so they could be tagged and bagged and watched and...

Florida, it took us decades to get to this place.  Don't let the clowns in the Florida Legislature drag you back into the slave days.
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