"Oh...a THUNBERG, eh?" rhetorically queried the motel guest when handed a candle to light the way.

Electricity was not any longer available in the area due to THUNBERG RULES...laws that restricted pipelines and refineries until there was so little fossil fuel left...outer areas such as where the patron stopped for the night lacked electricity.

Yes...when the sun was out or the wind blew there was enough electricity to run small freezers...but...not enough for air conditioning and cooking. The guest accepted such privation since she was saving polar bears from drowning and Miami Beach from disappearing...two horrific outcomes should she want fossil fuel to enhance her standard of living.
*Greta Thunberg...a 16 year old man-caused climate change activist...demanded people stop using fossil fuel and return to a time of tent-and-mule.
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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

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