Had President Trump been there in 1968...GEORGE BERGER would still be alive instead of a white cross in a sea of crosses with friends singing Aquarius.

The industrial-military complex likes war and dislikes Big Don's decision to end senseless war in the Middle East.

The 24/7 demand such WAR continue puts President Trump in the right place for 2020. He can tell the Democrat-doves he has ceased protracted warfare and left the Middle East to those players bold enough to defend their commerce.

Indeed...he told the world the KURDS were fighting for their property and he doubted the Turks could ever win such battle...but...whatever outcome...Americans would not be part of the BODY-COUNT.

In graphic terms...Commander-in-chief Trump wasn't about to watch that ramp come down...the coffin brought forth...and...watch a mother scream and scream some more as her lovely boy brought back in bits and pieces.
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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

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