A goon is a despicable critter...usually found in dark places doing bad things. Such a fitting description of U.S. Senator Chris Coons,(D.Del). When Coons...for example...observed CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT on the part of Hillary Clinton he kept quiet. When he saw U.S.House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff writing a script and then finding people to LIE...again...COONS remained silent. In 2017...when it came time to cut taxes for everyone...COONS* refused to participate.
*In 2018 and 2019...Congressional Democrats told the world the tax cuts of 2017 didn't help enough people. When these jerks were confronted with their TAX-BOYCOTT OF 2017...they chuckled and said mush-mind voters would never make the connection...never would they suspect they were "hurt-by-Democrats" and would believe whatever the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA proposed.
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