In another "oh my god' moment...scumbag JAKE TAPPER...a Crooked News Network(CNN) talking head...said a witness concluded it was clear that President Trump on 07-25-19 was asking Ukrainian President Zelensky to help ferret out corruption...something that would also catch the BIDENS who sold power for money through HUNTER...Joe's son. According to this Hate-Trump witness...such request for help stamping out corruption wasn't fair since Democrats were permitted to conduct criminal enterprises so long as they were not caught* red-handed.

Because President Trump was going outside "normal channels"...pathways erected to stymie anyone looking into DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION...he was to be condemned not commended. far...Congressional Democrats have been bombarding TEAM-TRUMP 24/7...demanding either surrender...or...hear the blowing of the Degüello (Spanish: El toque a degüello). (think utter annihilation).
*Hillary scrubbed her computer-servers before they were grabbed by a curious investigator.
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