Recently...climate change has become a great subject since mankind has been said to be capable of affecting it by emitting carbon dioxide(CO2)...a naturally occurring trace gas found in the atmosphere of Mother Earth and which serves as the staple food of plant life. The more CO2 emitted by mankind and by Mother Earth's flatulence...the more plant life chows down.

Sure...some idiot drowned a plant in CO2 and then marveled at how the plant closed off its CO2 intake valves to regulate the increase...and...hence push back until equilibrium restored. That idiot ...however...then...declared plant life could not eat as much CO2 as mankind assertion completely FALSE but usable by the fear-mongers whose income derived from theories about man-caused climate change.

When that scientist was asked about virgin-toss as a way to stop volcanic eruption...he hesitated. He'd heard about that question and would use the SUGGESTED REPLY set out by JACK DORSEY...Mr. Twitter-himself. With all the confidence only a JACK DORSEY could impart...this scientist said virgin toss was a possible cure but not a sufficient one.

When that scientist was told the volcanic eruption in Italy in 2019 emitted more CO2 than mankind has emitted since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution...and...Mother Earth's equilibrium remained intact...he smirked and replied, "My man-caused climate change theory might be hokum...but...the MASS MEDIA is on my side."
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