"Oh my god...don't step in the Peduto!" Such the often-heard utterance from most people at the local Pittsburgh diner when another patron enters the door. The entering customer looks down...pretends to be over-stepping a dung-pile...and...proceeds to an empty stool. The place erupts in more laughter as another customer bends down and pretends to pick up something...and...to the rest of the restaurant says: "Looks like it...smells like it...tastes like it...sure glad I didn't step in it."
*Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said he hated fossil fuel and would force people to use wind and solar or nothing at all and feel how natural-living can benefit the soul. Hearing about how nasty Pittsburgh was to Peduto...GRETA THUNBERG directed her yacht to turn around and travel up the rivers and dock in Pittsburgh where she seethed and whispered: HOW DARE YOU!"
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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

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