On THE VIEW...Sony Hostin told the world a majority of Americans want to be pushed around by socialists...and...wish to live in the fashion dictated by GREEN THEME. Off-camera...she expanded on her view by generalizing about how Americans will return to "tent-and-mule"...a time before fossil fuel. She imagined aloud dancing until dawn around campfires...and...then...taking up shovel and hoe and to the fields all day to toil for the common good they go.

Hostin revealed her lack of knowledge about such a socio-economic idea where everyone sits around with their hands in each others pockets believing they're getting rich. In America there were such experiments and they all failed. Eventually...porch sitters cheered the few left who toiled for the common good...and...fought with those same field-hands over what portion they should be entitled to retain.

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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

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